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Our services

At FELB, we help companies around the world to organize their rail transport to the CIS countries and Asia.

Eurasian Services

The Trans-Siberian railway is connecting Europe and China, extending the wide gauge network over 9,500 km through Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

CIS Import/Export

We organize your rail transportation logistics to the CIS countries and as a subsidiary of RZDL, we maintain the best contacts to Russian Railways and other state railway companies.

About FELB

Far East Land Bridge Ltd. specializes in the transport of 40 ft DV, HV and 20 ft containers between the Far East (China, South Korea and Japan) and Russia / Europe via the Trans-Siberian Rail Link. Our customers can derive a noticeable financial benefit from the short transit time between 14 and 22 days (depending on volume and route).


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