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FELB is the culmination of a seven year project to establish a railway route for containers between Asia and Europe, based on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It has taken us several years of work and negotiation to make the necessary agreements and put in place the logistics and security to provide this as a viable and quicker alternative to the existing ocean route.


Our special agreement with our initial Russian partner TransContainer enabled us to commence with the first pilot shipments in 2007. Over the years FELB became owner of more than 7,000 containers and increased the frequency of train departures from 1 per week to 6 per week. As a result of this also two special train operating centres - Block-Train Centres (BTC) – have been established, one in Asia and one in Europe. Over 100 employees ensure an efficient operation and sale of the service. FELB manages several offices in China and Russia – strategically located along the whole route – completing the system around the railway connection.


Door-to-door transit time in days




Project start / testing phase


Regular project traffic

2010 -11

Weekly eastbound/westbound departures

Product expansion to import/export CIS


Multi-departures in both directions and development of new routes


Development of first westbound speed train (14 days transit time)


Beginning of LCL services & developing of the first eastbound speed train

Container movement: eastbound /westbound 30,000 TEU (balanced)


Increased frequency of Suzhou block train from first quarter and weekly regular service - ex Changsha

Started with Shenyang pilot train in November


Implementation of new LCL service ex Asia to Europe (taking Suzhou to Milan service as an example)

New routes via alternative borders

New South China services

New LCL service route from Hamburg to Suzhou and expansion to Italy


FELB offers an alternative to the sea freight and air freight between China, South Korea and Europe in both ­directions. The company's unique transport product consists of a door-to-door service including the provision of containers.

Well-known companies like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Samsung and LG, are continuously using this transport product. Potential clients can easily adapt their current logistics supply chain to the railway solution, and to assure themselves of real savings.

In terms of benefits arising from a rapid transit time, which is cut by half compared to the sea freight, a substantial cash flow advantage , greater convenience and flexibility to cargo owners (short term capital commitment/smaller interest payments) is secured. Additionally, the time to market is considerably reduced. FELB’s service is therefore especially targeted at clients with high-value goods or urgent shipments, located in areas easily connected to the rail, as congestion in and around Chinese/European­ ports is avoided, allowing a direct and fast door-to-door connection.

Departures are carried out almost daily, but can be adapted to the client’s need if block-train ­volumes are provided. Per container a gross weight of up to 30 tons is allowed. The most frequent cargo groups vary from raw materials, textiles to automotive parts, solar panels, and all kinds of high-tech devices.

In addition, FELB’s ­business model incorporates the philosophy of environment protection, given the growing importance of conforming to the guidelines of green logistics. 



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Povlina Wu






Chief Executive Officer

Mag. Liliana Krutonog

Alan Kaluhov

Head of Moscow Office


Telephone - +7 4959886868 ex. 1390

Mobile - +7 925 257 91 63

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Elena Peresada

Deputy Head of Moscow Office


Telephone - +7 4959886868 ext. 1392

Mobile - +7 903 751 75 76

Email -

Michail Donchenko

Head of LCL RU

Mobile - +7 926 897 65 38

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Head of Sales & Marketing


Telephone - +43 1 890 63 39 45

Fax - +43 1 890 63 39 63

Mobile - +43 676 303 17 49

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Alexander Mironow

Gregor Jojic

Head of Operations


Telephone - +43 1 890 63 39 19

Fax - +43 1 890 63 39 63

Mobile - +43 664 35 25 195

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Isabella Babacsayv

Head of Finance


Telephone - +43 1 890 63 39 21

Fax - +43 1 890 63 39 63

Mobile - +43  664 1047555

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Mag. Monika Galos

Administration & Executive Assistant


Telephone - +43 1 890 63 39 50

Fax - +43 1 890 63 39 63

Mobile - +43 664 545 40 15

Email -


Wendy Liu

Watson Wang

Judy Zhu

Melody Chen

Katrina Xiao

Polina Wu

Hazel Zhang

Customer Service & 


Yulia Yulinskaya

Sales Head of Import RU FCL

Mobile - +7 925 719 81 79

Email -

Anton Fialko

Sales Head of Export RU FCL


Mobile - +7 967 030 41 26

Email -

Managing Director China

Mobile - +86 15821345997

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Alvin Wang

Managing Director

Jürgen Huschka

Managing Director

Yulia Kosolapova

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