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Far East Land Bridge

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Our history

FELB is the result of a long-term project to establish a railroad line for container logistics solutions between Asia and Europe, based on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Years of negotiations were necessary to reach the required agreements and set up the logistics and security to ensure this service, as a viable and faster alternative to the existing sea route.

In 2007 we managed to launch the first pilot deliveries. Over the years, we became owners of more than 7,000 containers and increased the frequency of train departures from one to six per week. As a result, two dedicated train operation centres - Block Train Centres (BTC) - were also established, one in Asia (Shanghai) and one in Europe (Vienna).

Today, more than 100 employees in Vienna and Shanghai as well as the field offices in Hamburg and Milan ensure efficient service and solution-oriented consulting.




TEU volume (2021)


Employees and agents


2007 - 2008

Project launch/test phase.


Regular traffic.


Weekly departures to the East and West.


Product expansion to import/export CIS.


Multiple departures in both directions (Eastbound & Westbound) and development of new routes.


Development of first westbound express train (14 days transit time).


Start of LCL services and development of first eastbound express container movement: EB/WB 30,000 TEU (balanced).


Increased frequency of Suzhou block train from first quarter & weekly regular service - ex Changsha. Launch of new Shenyang pilot train in November.


New LCL service route from Hamburg to Suzhou and expansion to Italy.


Implementation of new LCL service from Asia to Europe (ex: service from Suzhou to Milan).


EB) Duisburg - Suzhou speed service with transit time of 16-18 days.


Development of new routes via Dostyk.


Introduction of new routes (including Paris, Brno, Enns, Sweden) and contract with Terminal Neuss.


Change process - ISO 9001:2015, New services & Terminas including Frankfurt, Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg.

Our Business Model

We offer an alternative to sea freight and air freight between China, South Korea and Europe in both directions. Our unique transportation product consists of door-to-door service including container provision. Well-known companies in the automotive, raw material industry, chemical and engineering sectors, among others, continuously use this transportation product. Potential customers can easily adapt their current logistics supply chain to the rail solution and see real savings.

In terms of benefits arising from a rapid transit time, which is cut by half compared to the sea freight, a substantial cash flow advantage, greater convenience and flexibility to cargo owners (short term capital commitment/smaller interest payments) is secured. Additionally, the time to market is considerably reduced. Our service is therefore especially targeted at clients with high-value goods or urgent shipments, located in areas easily connected to the rail, as congestion in and around Chinese/European ports is avoided, allowing a direct and fast door-to-door connection.

Departures are carried out almost daily, but can be adapted to the client’s need if block-train -volumes are provided. Per container a gross weight of up to 30 tons is allowed. The most frequent cargo groups vary from raw materials, textiles to automotive parts, solar panels, and all kinds of high-tech devices. In addition, our business model incorporates the philosophy of environment protection, given the growing importance of conforming to the guidelines of green logistics.

Our Team

Our international, well-connected team is ready for any challenge to provide you with the solution tailored to your needs.


Head of Operations

Frankie Gao


Sales & Marketing Manager

Keith Chen


Finance Manager

Grace Xin