1. What is FELB's experience in logistics and why should I choose them for my cargo?

FELB has existed as a rail operator since 2007 with 28 day transit times at the beginning and now down to 16-18 days between Asia and Europe. With our 10 years of experience, fast transit times, friendly service and good rates we hope that you will choose us as your main rail operator for all of your cargo transportation needs.


1. Which cargo is allowed for transportation between the EU and China?

In general, any cargo that is considered non-dangerous goods and is not on the Russian sanctions list is allowed. However, cargo such as food & drinks, electronics, liquids, building materials etc. can be checked if it is possible for transport. In order for us to check if your cargo is allowed, please provide us with the 8 digit HS code and routing information.

2. How long is my offer valid?

Validity of your offer is mentioned in the offer our sales team provides you after an inquiry. (also in the PDF offer) In most cases, it will be valid until end of the current month or quarter.

3. What documents do I need for booking? 

You will need a packing list, invoice, EX-1 and any/all documents/certificates related to your specific cargo, if required for transportation.

4. How does the booking process work? 

Before placing a booking, you must have an official offer in PDF format from our sales team as well as the HS code being confirmed from our side.  This will contain the customer, offer and position numbers. Based on these details, you may book online at the following links: FCL Booking and LCL - lcleu@felb.worldIf you face any difficulties when placing a booking or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.

5. Where can I pick up empty containers?

  • Our main depots in Europe are: Milan, Duisburg, Hamburg, Bratislava, Warsaw and Malaszewicze. 

  • Our main depots in China and South Korea are: Yingkou, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tianjin, Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, Changchun, Qingdao, Ningbo, Incheon and Busan.

  • Once your booking has been placed, our operation department will advise you on where to pick up the empty containers.

6. What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

  • You may cancel your booking free of charge up to 6 days before departure. 

  • If you choose to cancel at any time 5 days or less before the train departure, the fee is EUR 800/container.

  • In the case of any occurred service (empty repositioning, container trucking, handling, demurrages) the client must cover the full amount. 

  • For LCL cancellations, after a booking has been confirmed, the full amount for the service will be charged.


1. Where are the border crossing points and what are the processes behind them?

  • For Europe, the border crossings are at Malaszewicze-Brest in Poland and Belarus and at Dobra-Chop in Slovakia and Ukraine. For Asia the border crossing points are at Manzhouli-Zabaikalsk, Erlian, Dostyk and Vostochny

  • At these border crossings, we reload loaded containers from the narrow gauge system onto wagons using the wide gauge system in Russia. The wide gauge system is used in Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The reloading procedure is included in your rail freight price.  

  • Transit customs declarations are done at the border stations and export customs clearance is done in the country of origin before the cargo reaches the border. 

2. What are the local costs at the terminals? Such as: Wharfage, CIQ Agency, etc.

  • Wharfage - Dock charge for ocean shipments

  • CIQ Agency - Commodity inspection fee, usually happens during c/c process

  • Offline - Haulage from railroad to depot 

  • CFS - Loading and un-loading charge for shipments

  • CYC – Container yard handling charge for Japan ocean shipments

  • THC - Terminal handling charge

3. How does monitoring and tracing work while in transit? 

The railways supply us with RFID monitoring information on the location of the trains. Our operations department then sends out daily PDFs to our customers with the tracing info.

4. What security regulations are provided?

  • At the terminals, including border crossings, there are security officers and systems on-site to ensure the safe transit of the cargo.

  • Also, each container is sealed for the duration of its journey. In case of a customs inspection, (they may check the goods to see if they match the manifest) the containers are resealed and a new seal number is reported for train tracking.

  • If you need or desire a GPS tracking device for your cargo, you may supply one for yourself and make the necessary arrangements during the booking process.

5. Who can I contact while my containers are already on their way?

  • You can contact FELB's operations department any time. Depending on your transport please contact: or

  • For customers located in Asia, please contact your sales representative at FELB China to be directed to the proper contact for operations.


1. How does customs clearance work after the arrival of my goods? 

  • At the border into Europe, your cargo will need a T1 customs document to be transported to its final train terminal. An additional T1 document must be issued to the cargo’s final destination, after it has left the train, if customs clearance has not already happened at the border or at the final train terminal. 

  • For Germany only, at ATB document must be issued for the cargo to leave the terminal if customs clearance has not already happened.

2. Where can I bring back the empty containers?

  • You can return empty containers to any of our depots (refer to question 5 for info), unless FELB Operations advises you otherwise. You will receive the information from our Operations department as soon as the container is in transit. 

3. When do I receive my invoice and what are the general payment terms?

  • Invoices are issued immediately after train departure. The payment policy is 14 days after the invoice issue date. 

  • In case of any additionally occurred costs, we reserve the right to invoice our customers within one year from the shipment date.

  • General payment terms can also be found in our Terms & Conditions document.

4. Can you truck my containers to their final destination? 

  • Yes, both pre and on-carriage options are available to/from any destination you may need. Or, if desired, you can directly deliver/pick up the cargo from the terminal yourself.

  • In order to arrange pre/on-carriage by truck, we need to know the exact address and zip code of the pick-up/delivery location.

  • Also, a stop for customs clearance upon request is possible (at an additional charge).

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