FELB Austria changes management


FELB on a stable course

Railway Operator FELB is breaking new ground and welcomes Konstantin Teterin as interim CEO of FELB Austria GmbH. 

Uwe Leuschner left the company with 16th of May 2022. COO Jan Strassburg also terminated his employment with the logistics company. By the 16th of May 2022 Konstantin Teterin took over any management agendas of the Railway Operator as interim CEO of FELB Austria GmbH. Markus Fischer remains CEO of FELB Shanghai. The changes have no impact on the operational activities of FELB.

“In principle, nothing changes for FELB customers and partners. All procedures stay the same. Entities remain functional and we are working on our operational excellence. Our product portfolio will be enhanced over the next time period. Internal policy towards our partners and clients will remain at the same level as before. We thank Uwe Leuschner and Jan Strassburg for their efforts over the past year as well as the extremely productive months in 2022. Despite COVID, partnerships in Europe and Asia were strengthened. Therefore, the entire FELB-team wishes both lots of success for the future ventures!” states Konstantin Teterin, Interim CEO FELB.

Interim CEO Konstantin Teterin ©FELB/Sabine Klimpt

Teterin brings in more than three decades of experience in the finance and transport industry. He previously spent five years as Vice President, Head of the Linear and Logistics Division of the transport group FESCO and before that held the position as CEO of numerous airlines.

Additional successor appointments will be communicated in a timely manner.

About FELB

FELB (Far East Land Bridge) is an internationally active railway operator offering optimal rail logistics in and between Europe and Asia along the Trans-Siberian railway line. The goal of the logistics company is to sustainably link the European and Asian economies. Since 2007, the company, which has main offices in Vienna and Shanghai, has been continuously developing its portfolio of services, routes and product groups.