FELB UPDATE – Online Booking System


Adaptation of our booking processes

Dear clients and partners,

FELB is changing its booking processes. Why? Because our aim is to spend more time on your situational needs and to ensure quicker responses and better solutions to your inquiries! Therefore, we are redesigning and rearranging our inquiry and booking system as of 1.11.2021 with the purpose of a simplified, digital process and to ensure data quality.

What will change?

As of 1.11.2021, general inquiries about our products and routes can still be transmitted via mail to sales@felb.world or the dedicated sales person. BUT ATTENTION: the subsequent final bookings will only be accepted via our online booking system https://cloud.felb.world/booking/!

Your data entry in our online booking system is therefore essential for a valid booking. Final bookings by mail will no longer be fed into and recorded in the system from 1.11.2021. In this case, our sales team will refer to the online booking system and will be happy to answer any questions or provide step-by-step instructions.

How to complete a FELB booking from 1.11.2021:

1.Send a general inquiry to sales@felb.world or your dedicated sales person.
2. You will receive a route recommendation and an initial offer.
3. If the offer appeals to you, please inform FELB of your interest
by telephone at +43 (1) 890 63 39 0 or by e-mail via sales@felb.world or your dedicated sales person.
4.FELB will send you an official offer in pdf format including
5.With these data you can make your final booking via the FELB online booking system https://cloud.felb.world/booking/.
6.Check your entry and save/send it. The booking is now completed.
7.A confirmation will be sent to you.
8.Your FELB team will take care of everything else and will make every effort to ensure a smooth transport process.

Download Step-by-Step Guide

Online Booking System – Step-by-Step Guide

Our Operations Boking Procedure

Do you have any further questions?

Get in touch with us:
+43 (1) 890 63 39 0
or sales@felb.word

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Amtmann
Head of Sales