How to overome container backlog and overstock


xChange the Game

The Container is the single biggest innovation in logistics for the last century and has revolutionized not only an entire industry but also changed the way companies live and do business. It is simple, standardized, efficient and has helped massively to decrease freight costs. Moreover, it has fuelled an unprecedented increase in global trade, output and welfare. BUT: using and owning containers is always an operational challenge and a daily business of Asset Manager Dimitri Savytskyy of FELB.

FELB (Far East Land Bridge) is an international railway operator, offering transport solutions in and between Europe, Russia and Asia along the Trans-Siberian railway route. Established in 2007, the logistic company is constantly expanding its portfolio with new services, routes and technology features, focusing on multimodal services, innovative container solutions and green logistics.

Specialized in the transport of 40 ft DV, HV and 20 ft containers along the Eurasian Corridor, FELB offers amongst others GPS tracking, reefer container for temperature sensitive goods and further innovations like light weighted smart Container2.0.

“Using and owning containers is an operational challenge. Especially importing and exporting containers to and from China within the stipulated time, was a matter we wanted to address.

With the usage of xChange, we could improve our service, especially by minimizing the use of container depots and enlarging our network with trusted partners,” indicates Dimitri Savytskyy, Asset Manager of FELB about his daily work routine.   

The mission of xChange is to provide a neutral platform for container owners and users to collaborate easily and efficiently. The aim is to connect global container logistics to take the hassle out of owning and transporting container equipment. The platform xChange helps to find containers to buy, sell or lease. It reduces manual workload and supports the network growth in container logistics, by updating data automatically between members.

In 2018, FELB started its cooperation with xChange. With this cooperation FELB could improve its service by

  • selling own containers quicker
  • finding further needed containers at the right place and time quicker due to a big pool
  • saving money by minimizing the use of container depots
  • increasing deals trough automated data upload and offers
  • building their global network with trusted partners
  • saving time, efforts and resources of the entire team – e.g.: searching & ordering containers, billing and work assignments in general.

“FELB’s ambition is to work constantly on new asset management solutions and innovative service options. The service with xChange is cost- and time-effective and an important further step to provide customers and partners a more efficient and on-time service,” underlines Savytskyy of the xChange platform.

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