New Westbound route: Jinan to Frankfurt


In cooperation with RZD Business Asset, Shandong Hi-Speed Qilu Eurasia Railway Logistics Co., Ltd. (China), Infraserv Logistics GmbH (Frankfurt Terminal) and Contargo, Far East Land Bridge successfully launched a train from Jinan to Frankfurt, crossing Zabaikalsk/Manzhouli and Brest/Malascewicze borders. The train departed on 12th of March 2021 from Jinan Dongjiazhen station and arrived on schedule on 4th of April 2021.

This project made it possible to connect north-western part of Shandong, China with western part of Germany, which is one of FELB’s main focusses, connecting Asia and Europe via incorporating innovative routes. FELB’s biggest advantage is their connection to Russian Railway Logistics which allows them to make fast and efficient customs clearances for trains entering Russia. This new route offers a great and easy access for cargo departing from important industrial areas in China at great competitive rates. Additionally, this connection will offer a significant time and cost savings in comparison to other service and less CO2 emission, resulting in environment-friendly solutions.
With all the economical, geological and political ups and downs, FELB will keep bringing you ground-breaking advancements in the logistics field.

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