Budapest: Europe's Newest Access Point

February 5th, 2018 - Budapest is becoming the main hub for central Europe via the Ukraine border at Chop and Dobra, Slovakia. Over the past year FELB has been developing both eastbound and westbound route options in and out of Budapest. Now, with the proper logistics set into place, FELB is confidently making strides to a strong future for the central European countries rail cargo options.

A new public eastbound route is being established from Budapest to Changsha in collaboration with the Changsha platform company. The first train will depart on February 8th and is estimated at an 18 day transit time. With this new route, FELB plans a normal weekly service starting on March 8th which will depart every Thursday.

FELB has already been operating a weekly train on this route going Westbound from Changsha to Budapest for several months with an 18-20 day transit time. The route has proven to be stable and consistent and holds promise for the future. FELB is proud of this westbound route and expects the same quality and service for the new eastbound route and looks forward to even more options and improvements in the future.

Over the next several months FELB plans to establish Budapest as one of the main traffic points for central Europe via the Dobra, Ukraine border crossing. The location can offer fast rail service to countries like: Czechia, Slovakia, Austria and the Balkan states. If all goes as planned, Budapest will become a future container depot for southeastern Europe. This means that going east from Budapest, the countries of Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and even Turkey can reap the benefits of these new developments! Additionally, many other existing railway lines can be used for a quick and cheap pre-carriage to Budapest. A few examples are lines to Ljubljana, Koper, Wels or Köln and Duisburg.