Change of Destination from Kuncevo to Vorsino

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Container trains forwarded by FELB via Zabaikalsk will change destination point from Kuncevo station to Vorsino station (Moscow railway region, Station Code – 183502)

Vorsino station is situated in Kaluga region 90 kilometers from Moscow within Vorsino industrial cluster.

Primary benefits of Vorsino terminal and redirection to Vorsino:

  1. «Freight Village Vorsino» container terminal with customs control zone and temporary storage warehouse (Certificate of inclusion into the Register of temporary storage warehouse proprietors № 10106/100913/10053/1 as of 10 09 2013 г.);

  2. Cargo customs clearance via the Center of electronic declaring (CED);

  3. Container terminal handling rate on routes Suzhou-Vorsino and Shilong-Vorsino is included in freight rate (without freight rate increase);

  4. Integrated DOOR-DOOR service by direct contract with FELB (excluding customs procedures on destination point, for instance – cargo customs clearance and on-carriage as well);

  5. Rail freight transit time – up to 16 days.