Coldness - Not an Obstacle for FELB

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

In the mountainous region of Siberia, just north of the Mongolian border, sportsmen sponsored by FELB proved that extreme temperatures can be withstood not only by rail, but also by foot.

Baikal Ice Marathon has the length of 42 km and is considered to be one of the most extreme running competitions on the planet. A total of 120 athletes from 50 countries were facing -23 degree temperature, headwind of 15m/s, running on 1,5m thick ice on the deepest lake in the world.

The winner named Peter Hercog, finished the marathon with a staggering time of 3 hours 55 minutes. The second place was awarded to- Łukasz Zdanowski who finished the route in 4 hours and 7 minutes. Both winners were sponsored by FELB and set new standards for resilience and physical and mental strength.