Far East Land Bridge Adds New Border Crossing Route

Alternate route through Mongolia established for increasing train volumes

May 23rd, 2017 – Eurasian rail operator Far East Land Bridge, has added a new westbound weekly train to Europe from the Changsha terminal in China. Trains will use this route and cross the Chinese border at Erlian into Mongolia and make their way across and into Russia then Europe.

The new train will depart every Saturday while the current Changsha train departs on Tuesdays. This new border option currently reduces transit time by 1 to 2 days and may reduce transit time permanently in the future!

The Mongolian route allows FELB to increase their train volume and frequency to Europe without the risk of border congestion. This creates stability and options for the rail operator by spreading to different border crossings and ensures smoother, long-term operational stability.

The increased train frequency is due to additional demands for trains over the past few months. FELB sees this as an opportunity for continued growth and a chance to offer more options and flexibility.