Far East Land Bridge Begins Eastbound Speed Train Service

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Routes from Europe to Suzhou, China now running weekly

February 17th, 2017 - Far East Land Bridge has begun new eastbound speed train services to Suzhou, China. This service operates weekly from and through FELB’s main rail terminals of Duisburg, Milan, Hamburg, Warsaw, Malaszewicze and Regensburg. These routes will use the Trans-Siberian Railway to China using FELB’s partnership with Russian rail operator RZD.

The routes will feature shorter transit times with an 18 day journey from Milan and only a 14 day journey from Malaszewicze. The goal for FELB is to be able to cut all transit times by 3 to 5 days from their current lengths. This eastbound option is a big step towards making that happen.

A key element of this route is to obtain a higher volume of containers going eastbound to China. The reason for this is that if a minimum of 30 containers are filled, the transit time on the Chinese railway portion of the journey will be heavily reduced. This is due to FELB being able to make use of speed trains in China that meet the minimum container quantity requirement. The reduction of transit time in China is drastically reduced from 7 days down to 2.5 days.

After the recent Chinese New Year, FELB made the choice to begin the initiative for more train options eastbound. This comes as an effort to offer even better service and create a balance of trains going east and west bound.