Far East Land Bridge Begins New Block Train Service

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

A new service between Shenyang and Europe confirms FELB’s Expansion

Vienna, 19 January, 2017 – Beginning October 28th, FELB launched a new train service from Shenyang, China to Europe. This route is on a weekly basis leaving every Friday at 18:00. This service is a block train from Shenyang port and is the partner and provider from Zabaikalsk to Europe.

This new service from Shenyang is part of FELB’s global initiative to use eastbound and westbound trains to connect Europe and Asia by rail. The majority of their current routes span between 14 to 18 days transit time. They plan to continue reducing these times down further in the future.

The block train service is the newest development that FELB has made in an effort to expand their services for their customers. A new office in Milan, Italy, new routes to Czech Republic and Slovakia and departures from Guangzhou and Changchun offer a wide range of destinations and departures for increased flexibility and decreased transit time.