Far East Land Bridge Commences New Flexible Service to Italy

Updated: Feb 21, 2018

LCL Cargo options added to FELB’s portfolio en route to Milan

February 23rd, 2017 - LCL service from Suzhou to Milan via Duisburg has been established. This route will depart every Sunday from Suzhou and make its way to Milan via FELB’s routes to Duisburg. The transit time will be 16 days to Duisburg and another 2 to 4 days to Milan. This marks the first ever LCL service from China to Italy.

At Melzo terminal, the cooperation of company COMBIMAR will guarantee a smooth and professional deconsolidation, warehousing and on request distribution to all of Italy and beyond.

Furthermore with the opening of this new LCL line, FELB is adding a new service line dedicated for light cargo. This new tariff system will allow companies with cargo needs to consider the LCL rail option as a more attractive option compared to past train routes. An example of this would be the fashion industry, which represents one of the most essential and important industries in Italy.

FELB tested this new service in January with FCL containers to ensure consistent transit times and smooth operations of the service. Only a few months after FELB’s initial routings to Italy last fall, this new offering will add another dimension to their new service there. With the new services in Milan and a recent FCL service there has been an overwhelmingly positive reception to FELB’s presence in Italy. FELB hopes to continue expanding in Italy and offer more destinations and services in the future.

This new route can be a security improvement for Italian clients who have sensitive cargo not suitable for the long journey via sea freight. Also, this shorter time route minimizes opportunities for handling damages. FELB uses their stable and consistent route on the Trans-Siberian Railway for this service to Italy.