Far East Land Bridge Continues Route Expansion with South China Option

Departures From Shilong Offers New Possibilities for European Companies

April 25, 2017 – Far East Land Bridge has once again created a brand new westbound FCL (Full Container Load) option for their customers. A new route from Shilong terminal in South China has given the railway operator’s customers a whole new geographic area to send cargo from. The journey by rail takes 17 to 19 days and has already begun this month with weekly departures every Thursday.

This option comes from an overwhelming demand for a rail option from South China. FELB saw the potential and need and proceeded to create an option that no longer requires long distance trucking. Another advantage is that it minimizes the time that is used by trucking and reduces the risk of goods damaged. This is currently the first and only cargo transit train from South China directly to Europe.

While this option connects the industrial hub of South China via Shenzhen to Europe, it also allows FELB to expand their services to other locations in South Asia. The most prominent option is Hong Kong, a major hub for industry and business. FELB also plans on reaching Taiwan and Vietnam in the near future as well.

This service is currently an FCL option, but FELB plans on adding an LCL option to Hamburg in the next couple months. In the past year FELB has introduced many new services and options and now are able to transport cargo from South China to Southern Italy and beyond.