FELB Celebrates a New Office Location in Shanghai

Due to the growing expansion of FELB’s presence in China, the company decided to move to a larger office space in Shanghai. This new location will allow space for new staff to handle to growing additional train volumes in and out of China!

The new office is located in the “Green Heart of Shanghai” at the French concession. The location is perfect for the growing business and features an old factory building with a cool industrial design. Included in this new office’s perks is the access to 3 subway lines nearby!

To celebrate the new location, FELB hosted an “Austrian night” to pay homage to the administrative office of FELB located in Vienna. An Austrian music band was featured along with traditional food, wine and beer.

The Austrian Consul General and Austrian Consul for Commercial Affairs attended the party. Speeches were given by Wilhelm Patzer (FELB), Alexander Freil (FELB), Ms. Christina Schösser (Austrian Consul for Commercial Affairs), Ms. Brigitte Robinson-Seyrlehner.

The celebration was a wonderful chance for FELB to showcase the company and introduce clients and partners to FELB and their Shanghai staff.

Please note: The new office address has changed as of the 9th Oct. 2017.

- 4thFloor, Building 2, No.10 Baoqing Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai.(near Middle Fuxing Road)