Milan to Chengdu: A New Future for Italian Rail Transportation

On Saturday the 6th of October 2018, a full train of 40 containers departed from the Melzo terminal outside of Milan and began its eastbound journey to Chengdu in China via the Silk Road Route. It will be crossing the border from Europe at Malaszewicze/Brest to change onto the Russian wide gauge rail system and make its way to China with an expected transit time of around 20 days.

This new train to Chengdu will have new departures every 15 days and is expected to become a weekly service by the end of 2018 with a planned transit time of 16-18 days. The incredibly low rate levels that FELB is operating this train on will allow them to continue conquering the Italian rail cargo market!

This train service to Chengdu from Milan will be able to meet the needs of Italian companies who may need to transport anything from electronics to raw materials. This was the very first train for this new route and primarily contained floor tiles.

We expect to be announcing the very first westbound service from Chengdu to Melzo terminal near Milan, Italy also with an anticipated transit time of 16-18 days. Currently FELB is in development of this product and will be introducing it to the market in the near future. Our plan is to create an entire new stable service between these two locations that offers faster transit times at better prices.