Vietnam: The New Future for Rail Cargo

February 5th, 2018 - January 23rd marks the first direct rail shipment from Russia to Vietnam. With a 20 day transit time, the test shipment made its way safely to its destination from Vorsino (near Moscow) to Hanoi, Vietnam. A similar shipment by sea would have taken double the time.

The transportation of this cargo was made possible due to 3 rail operators working in collaboration with each other. Vietnamese operator Ratraco, RZD and FELB all assisted in this project. FELB received the cargo at the Zabaykalsk border into China and transported it to the Vietnamese border where Ratraco retrieved the cargo and finished the journey to Hanoi.

The cargo contained Red Line brand cosmetics consisting of shampoos for adults and children, soap, shower gels, various scrubs, creams and masks for face and hair. Red Line transported these products for their opening of a new shop in Hanoi. They currently offer their products to Europe, CIS and Arabic countries and are in the process of expanding to the large Asian market.

Due to the success of this project and the short transit time, FELB looks forward to more collaboration with Vietnam in the future and opening up yet another possibility for their clients in transporting cargo to and from many locations in Asia!