Why Rail Freight?

Your advantages with rail freight compared to other modes of transport.

Transport modes

Railfreight = faster than sea + cheaper than air


~ 20 000 km

~ 5 + weeks

~ 2,5 K kg CO²/ TEU


~ 11 000 km

~ 2 – 3 weeks

~ 3,5 K kg CO²/ TEU


~ 8 500 km

~ 3 – 7 days

~ 44 K kg CO²/ TEU

"People say, 'Dream big!' - but you have to think about the logistics. It's not just coming up with a great idea, it's how you can sell or market or promote that great idea."

Marley Dias

FELB - Your railway operator.

Enjoy the unique advantages of rail freight at FELB.

Interest and Working Capital

One of the most important economic advantages, which is to be considered individually, is the short-term capital commitment and the small losses of commercial interests, especially for containers loaded with high-value goods. Many of our clients benefit from this opportunity and are sending cargos with a value of more than 1 million USD per container.

Short Transit Time

More than 2.600 containers are distributed over strategically favourable main terminals and depots in China, South Korea and Europe, being at disposal for new transport orders. FELB maintains a large stock of heavy tested 40ft HC, 40ft DV and 20ft DV containers. In addition, our partners can provide any time containers for one-way shipments to CIS and STAN countries.

High Security

As the market leader in the field of rail transport, we offer a high level of security through liability insurance with coverage of up to USD 15,000,000 per incident. We also offer the most modern systems for monitoring using RFID as well as GPS devices for high-quality goods or sample shipments.

Environmentally friendly

The Land Bridge route saves 75% of the ocean route's carbon footprint, while only covering 11,000 km instead of 22,000 km on the sea route. In addition, electrified railways are used, which are mainly powered by water power. It also reduces the serious congestion in and around the seaports involved in the east-west container trade by moving containers from trucks to rail.